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Cool Cane Cafe is glad to introduce you to the delightful drinks of freshly squeezed sugar cane juice. As India is being one of the leading producers of sugar cane in the world and it’s quite a popular drink in India, we are inspired to serve these delicacies to our customers. Through a unique juicing mechanism and the use of innovative technology, we are proud to consider ourselves to be pioneer in our region. The Cool Cane Cafe is welcoming you to the unique spot where our juices bear witness the healthiest can be the tastiest too …

Updates : * Welcome to Cool Cane Cafe. * Our Branches (Chittoor) : 1. # 17-346, T.V.Naidu Street; 2. # 4-487, C.B.Road, Greamspet.

Process of making the most delicious Cane Juice ...

* The crop is carefully selected by experts from farm-fresh sugarcane stalks.
* The juice is extracted from thoroughly cleaned cane and served chill by topping up your favourite flavours.
* Our delectable flavours: Natural, Lemon, Ginger, Mint, Salt & Pepper, Chat Masala, Cumin and Cardamom.
* Our machinery is made of food-grade stainless steel. This assures the hygenity of our juices.
* All our products are 100% natural. Our products contain freshest ingredients, rich in nutrition and high on delight.
* There is no added water, sugar, preservatives, additives, artificial flavours/colors.

Health Benefits


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